“Exceptional commitment”

On Friday evening, as soon as it opened, the CCAS stand, which offered fruits and vegetables at low prices, was taken by storm by the Miramasséens.There were about 30 volunteers, CCSB officers, elected officials and even the mayor to serve.On the stands, the associations were in charge of the animation: flight simulator, climbing wall, sports village.And offered various products for sale: Marie-Thé’s jams, the works of Evasion peinture and Palette art en ciel, plants from the Fontlongue campus, Janine’s cakes (our photo), Basque specialities, objects from the social centres, etc.This year again, more than 200 volunteers were active under a beautiful sun.The weather was favourable for the 50 Black Mamba bikers who, after their morning ride, invaded the Place Jourdan and enjoyed the restaurant area like the many visitors.Claude Lagrange, President of the Mirathon, underlined the commitment of the companies and the municipality “who are committed to the convivial and financial success of this event, which retains its festive and supportive character”.The mayor and departmental councillor, Frédéric Vigouroux, for his part, appreciated “the exceptional commitment of the Miramasséens and the family spirit that reigns at this event” The result will be higher than the 26,000 euros already recorded because there are still outdoor activities, notably golf in January.

The flight simulator caused a sensation

For the first time, the Rossi-Levallois aeroclub of Salon-Eyguières took part in the Telethon in Miramas with its flight simulator.Marc Lauer, the president, talked about the progress made since 2015 and the recovery of an airframe (aircraft) broken following an accident, and the idea of using it to build a simulator.Yannick Martin, a Miramasséen, got involved in the project and participated in the design of the simulator: “It’s a real aircraft interior, with the stick, the screens, the joysticks.For the club, it’s a very interesting tool from a technical and pedagogical point of view,” added Marc Lauer.It also allows the use of feedback by parameterizing various situations and flight conditions”.Yannick, who has been with the club for 6 years, has taken a great interest in this project: “There are real controls on board and a whole mechanical system built from scratch, it was the perfect equipment with my used commander’s helmet.With the computer tool, we can simulate all types of flight, from the small 4-seater travel plane DA 40 (Diamond 40) to the fighter plane (Rafale) via the space shuttle”.Although the simulator is not approved for piloting, it allows the students to progress: “We can do 1 hour of flight if we want, when in reality we don’t exceed 15 minutes”, says Marc.It also allows La Carraire’s middle school students, who are following the BIA option (aeronautical initiation certificate), to discover aviation.